3105 NE 14th Street, Ocala Florida 34470
P: 352-629-2415   | F: 352-629-5490
3105 NE 14th Street, Ocala Florida 34470
P: 352-629-2415   | F: 352-629-5490

RPAC Activity & Donation Form

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The Realtors Political Action Committee is what stands between you and the constant threats to your business. RPAC makes sure your voice is heard. Make an investment in your business!

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December 2016 District 7 RPAC Totals


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$99 Club

Charles Albiol        
Randall Alvord         
Fred Armstrong
Renee' Arnold
Eugene Boone
Sonia Bravo
Dennis Browne
Rhonda Buckner
Rebecca Bunn
Carol Carpenter
Keith Caton
Sandra Clodwick
Ria Colledge
Robert Deichman
Christopher Desino
Hope Deszell
Michelle Dinkins
Edward Dombrowski
Patricia Dorr
Donna Dunaway
Marie Evans
Roland Fink
Richard Fritch
John Haynes
Lawrence Hills
Brenda Hudson
Carolyn Ingle
Beatriz Isaza
Betti Jean
Don Kay
Pat Ketchie
Richard Kiefer
Anna King
Deborah Klugger
Shirley Lennox
Gayle A. Lowry
Charles Martin
Christi McCall
Diane McCombs
Sebert Meadows
Victoria Morrison
Laura O'Connor
Michael Owen
Margaret Pittas
Joan Pletcher
Judy Ray
Cathy Reisner
Sylvester Ricci
Carol Rike
Sarah Riseden
Caren Risley
Jeanne Ritt
Frank Roe
Curtis Sayler
Rebecca Schatt
Louise Serago
Anne Seymour
Alexander Sinclair
Rhonda Sweat
Wilbur Vanwyck
Ken Wilson

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Capitol Club

Suzanne Alcorn
Kimberly Bryant
Valerie Dailey
Amy Lord-Johnson
Gregory Lord
Crystal McCall
John "Duke" Rountree
Virginia Wright
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Statesmen’s Award

Dale Barron
Larissa Ortiz
Gregory Pittas
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Sterling R

Steve Rudnianyn
Mike Shrader
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Crystal R

 Sherri Meadows
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Golden R

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To make your contribution to our associations RPAC fundraising efforts and help further our interests in the state capital, please complete the CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM and email to Cheri@omcar.com or mail a check made payable to RPAC to:

Ocala/Marion County Association of Realtors®

3105 NE 14th Street, Ocala FL 34470

Please feel free to contact OMCAR at (352) 629-2415 if you have any questions.

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